I am a 19-year-old Iranian student currently in Canada. I have been trying to marry for about a year but am faced with problems which I do not know how to deal with.

a. My family is opposed to Islam and despises the wearing of hijab – head covering. My parents would not agree to my marrying a girl who considers hijab an obligation.
The father of a girl I discussed this with has a problem with the fact that my parents would
not agree.

b. I am not yet financially ready to marry. Notwithstanding this, I honestly believe marriage is the only way for to me to save my faith – iman – surrounded as I am, by overflowing temptations. I believe it is obligatory – wajib – that I now marry.

If you fear you will sin by remaining single, the Islamic ruling is that it is obligatory for you to marry.
As you are asked by Allah, the Almighty Creator, to marry a girl who observes hijab, your parents’ objection is invalid. I know that this is a difficult situation but if you are able to secure your faith by getting married and your parents refuse to help you fulfil your wishes, it is they who commit a sin.