I am a girl who wears hijab – muhajabah – and attends an international co-educational school. I do not want to sin in any way and write to ask if it is unacceptable for me to have a boy sitting next to me in class, to have male classmates telephone to discuss our work and other matters, or to join a group of male and female classmates to go to a movie or dinner.

Hijab for girls entails modest dress and chaste behaviour. There is nothing inherently wrong in sitting next to a boy in a classroom full of students. However, interacting with boys
and developing closer relationships with them may lead to loss of chastity and morality.
Talking to male students on the telephone may give the wrong impression about yourself.
It is difficult to condone mixed groups of boys and girls going out together to dinner. It is, however, not recommended to go to the cinema, possibly to see immodest films which portray non-Islamic morality.