I was informed that in the Qur’an women have been instructed not to display their beauty and jewellery to outsiders. Would you elaborate on this please.

In the Qur’an, Allah orders his Messenger:

Tell believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty, their beauty and jewellery should not be viewed other than by accident ….. Qur’an 24:31
Women are beautiful creatures who adorn themselves with gorgeous clothes, ornament, jewellery and make-up. They may wear these in the presence of their fathers, husbands, sons, step-sons, brothers, nephews, sisters, nieces and at women-only gatherings. However, they are recommended not to present themselves as distractions or attractions to the opposite sex. And men must lower their gaze when they see or address women.

It is a psychological fact that human beings are attracted by the opposite sex. When assailed by compelling pheramonal onslaughts, exhilaration encourages hormonal infusions to stimulate libido and set hormones racing. The only armaments that human beings have to protect themselves from such violent attack are modesty and righteousness.