I would like to write a play in the English language, based upon the historical facts of Karbala as recorded in Shi’ah sources. I propose to submit this for the approval of various Shi’ah authorities prior to publishing it in the U.S.A. My intention is purely to present the Western world with what is to them an unfamiliar exemplar of integrity, humility, friendship, loyalty, justice, truth, righteousness, firmness of belief and all the other values which we learn from Imam Husayn (A.S) and the tragedy of Karbala. He was not simply a leader of Shi’ah Muslims killed by a tyrant, but the true ‘Saviour of Humanity’ whose life was sacrificed for all of us who live today.
Is it justifiable to write such a play, with the intention that any money earned from it will go to Shi’ah foundations?
Is it justifiable for such a play to be performed on stage with actors and actresses to represent Imam Husayn (A.S), Bibi Zaynab (A.S) et al.?

It is acceptable for the sacrifice and message of Imam Husayn (A.S), ‘Saviour of Humanity’, to be staged in the English language. You will have however to take great care over the actors and their parts so that everything is done with the greatest respect and deference to the position of the Imam and his family (A.S).