I have a simple question regarding the purity – taharat – of the People of the Book -
Ahl al-Kitab. I understand that food prepared and cooked by Christians and Jews (I mean here in North America) is permitted – halal. Is this true? I respectfully request details of how the Ahl al-Kitab are tahir and how to deal with them. For example, if they have prepared vegetarian or permitted fish dishes are these considered halal? Are we permitted to eat and drink with them, give, take or buy from them?

Followers of Divine scripture, Jews and Christians, are tahir. This means that when you
shake hands with them and either of you is wet, there is no need to wash your hands. The same applies when you drink tea, juice or eat vegetables from them. But their food which contains meat is not permissible. Fish which have scales that are prepared by them are permissible for us to eat.