15th of Shabaan Dua Brothers and sisters, here I am suggesting something very, very essential. On Wednesday night, this coming Wednesday, 14th of Sha’baan corresponds with 8th of April, after Magrib prayer, without uttering other words, there is a Dua to be recited 21 times. I’m going to recite this Dua for you, please bear in mind. Tell every friend, every member of your family, everyone whom you know about the significance of this Dua. We have been told by great Ulamas that on the eve of 15th of Sha’baan which means that Wednesday the 14th, equivalent to 8 April this year, after Magrib prayer, without uttering a word you recite this Dua 21 times.
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم إنك عليم حليم ذو أناةٍ , و لا طاقة لنا بحُكمك بحلمك يا الله يا الله يا اللّــــــه , الأمان الأمان الأمان من الطاعون و الوباء و موتِ الفجأة , و سوء القضاء و شماتة الأعداء , ربنا اكشف عنا العذاب إنا مؤمنون برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين .

Brothers and sisters, it is experienced that when you recite this Dua 21 times between Magrib and Isha prayers on 14th shall ban evening which means that the eve of half of Sha’baan, the birth anniversary of the 12th Imam, may Allah hasten his reappearance, Allah will definitely protect you against all diseases especially this pandemic, especially all similar diseases that is threatening the lives of millions in the whole world.

May Allah accept our Dua and permit us to return to him, to stick to our obligations, observe all the commands and keep away from the prohibitions. May Allah accept our Dua and keep your safe.