My family chose a wife for me, but after three years she still doesn’t love me. She behaves as though she cannot bear the sight of me. We do not sleep together and only have sexual intercourse if I coerce her. In this way we were blessed with one daughter. We try to strictly adhere to religious rulings.
What can I do about this situation? What do you advise? Should I try to find another wife?

Sometimes arranged marriages between people do result in failure. Your best way ahead is to very calmly discuss the situation with your wife. Both partners are responsible for satisfying the needs of the other and the failure of either side in this regard will inevitably result in the other looking for ways in which to protect themselves from committing haram actions.
In many ahadith the Prophet (PBUH) and the error-free Imams w advise men to encourage love in their marriage relationship. Physical intercourse without due attention given to pre-coital preparation is condemned by them. Why don’t you try to think how your behaviour is perceived by your wife and how you can gently woo her?