I met my husband to be, an Indian Muslim, at college. It was his influence which guided me to the Right Path. Now an Indian Muslimah convert, we have been married for four years and have one child. Although we married as per the shari’ah applicable in Saudi Arabia, my parents-in-law, regrettably, have not accepted me or our marriage. For peace of mind, and to please the family, we had a second marriage ceremony in Iran. This however has made no difference at all to my parents-in-law who refer to a scholar – alim – who claims to be in contact with the 12th Imam in occultation - Imam Zaman (A.S). He apparently says that he has been informed by the Imam (A.S) that I am an unbeliever – kafir – and that our marriage is forbidden – haram. He tells my in-laws that everything I do is pretence and that neither I, nor my husband, if he remains with me, are to join in any Shi’ah gatherings. When my mother-in-law happened to attend a meeting at which I was present she requested the others to send me away. They did not and she left in anger.

Is it possible for that alim to be in contact with Imam Zaman (A.S), and would he make such comments? Is our marriage legal? May I attend Shi’ah gatherings?
I am disheartened and disappointed and would greatly appreciate your response.

Let us consider the following facts:
1. You have converted to Islam.
2. You married a Muslim as per the shari’ah in Saudi Arabia and Iran.
3. Several scholars have confirmed that your marriage is legal.
Based on these facts, you are a good muslimah and your marriage is valid. Pay no heed at all and do not bother about the reaction of your in-laws because they behave in this way out of ignorance. Do not be disheartened and disappointed; you have the love and support of your husband and of the community who refused to dismiss you from their gathering. May Allah support you in these difficult times.
The claim of the so-called alim who says he is in contact with the 12th Imam (A.S) is false and it is haram to listen to such a person.
You may of course practice every activity in Muslim daily life and attend all religious gatherings.